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What introverted leaders said about the challenges of needing Personal Space
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What introverted leaders said about creating Personal Space
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What introverted leaders said about creating Personal Space

  • “I try very hard to find space. It is all about time management and diary management. When I was Head [of a school] I worked on two sites. In one I had a room beyond the library, nobody ever went to find me there so I could withdraw.”

  • “Because I am an introvert I am good at giving people space when they need it because I know I like it.”

  • “Being open with colleagues so they understand that I need space on my own to reflect and recharge batteries.”

  • “I am highly organised, which means I can plan when I need to work with others and when I can work from home/the train.”

  • “I need to build in reflection time and private space, especially during a busy project. I try to ensure a mix of work involving quiet analysis and report writing alongside large meetings and customer-facing work. I keep weekends free from work to allow for recovery time and reflection. I try to be more assertive on the need to have a lunch break and a cut off at a reasonable time in the evening on busy projects.”

  • “I think my introversion makes me better at reflection, analysis and contemplation. It means I'm less wrapped up in the superficial social/political side of work. It drives me to create personal space to see the bigger picture and to think through strategies.”

  • “I like to work quietly at evenings and weekends - where I do my thinking.