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What introverted leaders said about creating Personal Space
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Positive Approaches to creating Personal Space:

  • being open with colleagues about your need, at times, for privacy and solitude

  • identifying somewhere appropriate where you can create some personal space when you need to.

  • booking meeting rooms for quiet work.

  • making time to ‘go off’ somewhere else to think in isolation, even if only for a short while.

  • recovering from stressful situations by creating a sort of retreat - but resisting the urge to make a dash for it mid-confrontation

  • recognising team members’ needs for occasional solitude and enabling them to have it too

  • using the space available to you, effectively, to create time to think and reflect

  • ensuring that you have a good means of retreat in your home environment

  • keeping weekends and evenings free from work

  • working from home when possible.