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What introverted leaders said about developing their own Self Perception and Self Awareness
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What introverted leaders said about developing their own Self Perception and Self Awareness

  • “It’s like being left handed. It’s okay to be left handed but you need toknow how to use scissors and actually it’s better to get left handed scissors.”

  • “I was already in my mid-thirties when I completed the MBTI for the first time and being able to name, understand, talk about and enjoy being an ‘I’ was rewarding and liberating.”

  • “Now that I know and understand my preferences, I am behaving much more consistently and am perceived as more trustworthy as a result.”

  • “Knowing that I can be different gave me a degree of quiet confidence and helped me frame myself in a way I hadn’t before. Being who I am is the most effective way to be – authenticity is important. Ultimately that makes me a better leader. ”

  • “In the last ten years I would feel my introversion has not been an obstacle, but has actually contributed to my strengths as a leader. Some people may see me as a bit remote, but I develop strong working relationships with those I work with closely.”

  • “The first time I did MBTI I didn’t get it, the facilitator just told me what’s in the book. The second time, the facilitator really brought it alive for me and worked out how I exhibited the behaviours at work and I absolutely got it then.”

  • “I am now much better aware of how unsettling pauses and long periods of silence are for those around me, especially after they have asked questions; how and why I find some meetings, especially those with an extrovert bias or extrovert members, so stressful both at work and socially; my recent better insight into my introversion has made significant improvements to my energy levels and to my ability to boost these - whilst also limiting situations which seem to drain my energy.”

  • “Introversion offers a greater reflective capacity, can be less challenging to an outwardly extrovert leader. The skilful leader will
    recognise that a team of extroverted personalities can be a battleground of egos and noise.”

  • “I think doing the MBTI has helped. It has made me more tolerant and open to be how I am. It has helped me to stop worrying about only having a few close friendships.”