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What introverted leaders said about the challenges of their own Self Perception
Improving Self-Perception and Self-Awareness
What introverted leaders said about developing their own Self Perception and Self Awareness
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Improving Self-Perception and Self-Awareness

  • developing an understanding of introversion, perhaps through taking MBTI tests and, importantly, learning what the outcomes mean

  • valuing and embracing introversion, not fighting it

  • talking about introversion with peers can build understanding and contributes to better working relationships

  • learning how to lead as an introvert rather than trying hard to be an extrovert

  • behaving more consistently and authentically to build the trust of colleagues and team members

  • learning how introversion affects your approach to your different job roles

  • recognising the value of introverted behaviours

  • knowing that once introverted leaders understand their introversion and work with it, rather than against it, their confidence tends to improve

  • some introverted leaders choose to work in smaller organisations or smaller teams to have a greater chance of being heard especially early in their career.