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What introverted leaders said about the challenges of their own Self Perception

  • “When I did the MBTI I was disappointed to learn that I was an introvert because I had an attitude that introversion was not so good as extroversion.”

  • “For the first ten to fifteen years of my career... I assumed that people were the same and so one used role models who tended to be extroverted and found the world quite foreign although one assumed that this was normal and coped.”

  • “I think I was cruising partly because of my introversion, I find it difficult to influence so I thought leadership and management were difficult so I didn’t do it. The real issue was understanding how to lead as an introvert.”

  • “Because I only recently realised that I am an introvert, I've spent most of my career so far with a clouded understanding of what is the 'real' me. Sometimes I've had enough energy to cover up my natural introversion with extrovert-type behaviour - but when that energy burns up I've then tended to withdraw from things that I've started. I think that my apparent dual-personality in this respect has been quite confusing to other people as well, so that they never quite know where to place me - and perhaps have not trusted me as much as they might.”

  • “I think I spent a lot of time and energy earlier in my career thinking about how I could be more extrovert.”

  • “Overall I think my introversion may have affected my earlier career (in my twenties/early thirties), as it probably contributed to lower levels of confidence and issues around profile & visibility.”