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Building Working Relationships

Techniques to build working relationships include:

  • talking through your thought processes to build understanding and a shared sense of ownership of solutions rather than simply imposing your own. Introverted leaders can appear to have jumped to conclusions when really they have been working through complicated thought processes in their own heads

  • engaging with colleagues to find a common solution rather than trying to impose your own

  • taking time to listen and reflect back to individuals, perhaps using coaching skills. Asking questions rather than offering solutions. Using emotional intelligence and trying to understand what drives other people

  • in teams, creating specific ‘air-time’ for people to contribute their views

  • inviting people to come to you for advice, support and assistance

  • focusing on team members and allowing them to be in the limelight encourages them to take responsibility and credit for their work

  • being caring and supportive in the workplace but recognising that this does not need to extend into a social role

  • consciously tuning in to social chit chat for short bursts, to make an occasional contribution

  • putting extra effort into those relationships that you perceive to be important

  • building relationships with extroverts so that their skills complement yours in a range of situations

  • planning to travel together to meetings or conferences can be a good way to develop relationships with colleagues on a more informal basis.