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What introverted leaders said about Managing their Profile
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What introverted leaders said about Managing their Profile:

  • “I find I enter into the role. I have been successful as a classroom teacher and in teams because I am in role. It’s genuine, I’m not ‘acting’, I really express myself.”

  • “I try to find out about the area I am working in, gaining any technical skills even if I don't have to use them. I listen a lot and speak less. I now don't get worried about not speaking in large groups and ask questions individually after the group has disbanded.”

  • “As a CEO I have found it useful to make sure there are diarised opportunities to be seen and to meet people.”

  • “As a coping strategy, I have developed an ability to toss jokes into a discussion (appropriately) and have become known as something of a wit.”

  • “I stay in the background at first which enables me to observe and form opinions. Gradually I find that I become the centre, or the leader, through no intention of mine. This has taught me the value of listening and consulting widely before deciding and speaking.... I am happy to lead visibly and from the front, but once I have set the direction and the group are on course, I prefer to lower my profile and stay out of the limelight although I will step forward if things wobble. This means that I don't suffer from overexposure as I am happy to delegate and watch others run things and develop themselves. If I do take the stage again, I find that everyone pays attention.”

  • “If I think I have something to boast about, although I don't tend to 'blow my own trumpet', its more commonly communicating the achievements of my team. I tend to get quite creative in ways of 'showing off', for instance we've just launched a short briefing paper for line managers which is colourful, eye catching and informs them of key policy, legislative developments.”

  • “To try and balance - perhaps compensate for - my introversion, by making an effort to engage with others, by being friendly, considerate, listening.”

  • “Planning interventions in major debates so that my organisation’s interests are made visible.”

  • “Being open about my high “I” score, and explaining what that means.”