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What introverted leaders said about Managing their Profile
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Positive Approaches to Managing Your Profile

  • managing your visibility so that you can achieve it in relatively short bursts, building in ‘quiet time’ to reflect and re-energise

  • entering into a ‘role’ when there is a need to be visible: this need not necessarily be ‘acting extrovert’

  • ensuring that you have prepared in advance and know what you are talking about when you have to meet groups of people

  • using humour appropriately to relax the tension

  • being prepared to stay out of the limelight until it is the best moment to step into it - this minimises the energy drain of exposure while maximising the value gained from it

  • showcasing the outputs of the team and the organisation rather than trying to boost your own profile in isolation

  • engaging with colleagues on a one-to-one basis - rather than with everyone at once

  • being open about your introversion and explaining what it means.