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What introverted leaders said about Managing their Profile
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What introverted leaders said about the challenges of Managing your Profile

  • “Sometimes I won't push myself into the spotlight; push myself into meeting new people. Ultimately this has had an impact on my standing/visibility.”

  • “Sometimes I feel under pressure to be more extroverted and feel that perhaps you have to show these tendencies consistently to develop in a career.”

  • “Introverted leaders are often high profile ‘in role’ or as experts; extroverts enjoy high profile whenever. I never found high profile to be easy and often stressful. My introversion contributed to this.”

  • “Sometimes I can miss the boat and feel that I should have spoken out so that others hear that I understood and had the same thought process - I think this is the competitive element of my leadership style.”

  • “Introversion has meant that I struggle to get "noticed" in organisations, especially in meetings where the loudest participant gets the most attention.”

  • “I have learnt how to 'perform' in a more extrovert way than would be my preferred normal style. I have found this to be good for developing and pushing myself in a way that I might not otherwise do. However, I find it very draining to perform to this level and need 'down time' away from people. I have remained fairly visible, but have not found it that easy to be constantly walking around chatting to staff and clients as I would like. Having to perform in this way day after day, month after month, year after year, is very draining, and I have got to a point in my career where I want a role that fits my personality more closely.”