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What introverted leaders said about the challenges of Presentations and Public Speaking

  • “I strongly dislike making presentations to groups of people.”

  • “While I was happy to give talks or make speeches and answer questions, I'd be much less comfortable in a public debate unless I was very familiar with the subject matter.”

  • “I dislike public speaking as a rule, although I can do it effectively if I am clear on my role and the groups are not too big and impersonal.”

  • “I was uncomfortable with large groups and combative question and answer sessions at, for example, regional and national staff conferences. While senior colleagues trusted me in a management team context they did not feel I was getting over well enough the headline message to their staff. I was putting too much into the content of addresses and too little into the emotional engagement with the audience, and as I became increasingly aware of this gap it increased stress and that in turn weakened my projection to others.”

  • “The inevitable speaking to large groups has grown easier over the years but is still not something I relish.”

  • “Positive thinking tends to fly out of the window! I become uncomfortable with who I am and how I believe I am coming across - this negative reinforcement is less than helpful.”