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What introverted leaders said about how they Manage the Perceptions of Others
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Positive approaches to Managing the Perceptions of Others

Introverted leaders described how they manage or counteract some of the perceptions of others:

  • gaining credit by exceeding expectations

  • recognising that positive perceptions may include being:
    • hard-working and reliable
    • a safe pair of hands
    • someone who gets things done
    • someone who resolves problems
    • thoughtful and genuine
    • calm in a crisis
    • interested and supportive

  • developing confidence by improving your understanding of issues - developing ‘expertise’

  • greeting people when you see them as a quick way to create a positive impression

  • being authentic, honest and able to laugh at yourself

  • responding after meetings with written thoughts

  • staying visible by sharing or reinforcing the contributions of colleagues

  • adopting extrovert behaviours can sometimes result in a ‘quick win’ but is often unsustainable longer term.