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What introverted leaders said about the challenges of the Perceptions of Others

  • “Others tend to form perceptions which may be incorrect, especially that I may be fragile, or in need of extra support. This is far from true.”

  • “Some people have recorded observations of me as being sensible and serious, aloof. There have been two occasions on which I have been told that I am not the right person for the job because I am not outgoing, gregarious and do not 'fit' the mental picture of the person required for the job. My desire to think new issues through carefully, to reflect and draw connections has been viewed as not helpful - particularly by those who have got their head around the issue and want early resolution.”

  • “It can be very difficult to get your voice heard and to have time to reflect and then respond. It can be perceived that you are not decisive or worse controlling situations.”

  • “I can appear remote or unapproachable to those who do not know me; people often apologise for asking for information or assistance which I'm pleased to give.”

  • “I understand that other leaders with extrovert tendencies may view me as shy and a bit of an easy touch, however sometimes this suits me as it’s very easy to surpass and further exceed their expectations. Sometimes though, I worry about the first impression or lasting impact I've had on someone - especially in a networking environment.”

  • “Initially senior managers who had more extrovert personalities in my own team believed I might not have the necessary leadership qualities to turn round a failing department.”

  • “I have ended up with fairly senior roles, but I have little doubt that it takes other people some time to recognise what I am able to bring to the role.”

  • “Negatively I have been perceived as not ready for a leadership role which, in my third successful year of leadership has not proved to be the case.”

  • “Because I am an experienced public speaker and, in most feedback, a good one it is assumed that I am a naturally sociable human being and will also be good in small group work. This is misleading and can lead to disappointment.”