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Positive Approaches to Networking and Socialising:

  • focus networking on 1:1 situations rather than groups

  • if you have the choice, arrange to meet people for coffee or lunch as it will be shorter and more conducive to a one-to-one discussion

  • recognising that your reaction to walking into a crowded room of strangers is common to introverted leaders and that you are not alone

  • having a sense of being ‘in role’ can help when networking

  • reading the attendance list and targeting a few important contacts

  • visualising and mentally preparing for an event: perhaps preparing a list of interesting conversation topics before going

  • setting personal challenges, such as making five new contacts before you leave the room

  • initially focusing on people you already know, while you adjust to the surroundings

  • nurturing a few good clients and contacts rather than spreading the net more widely

  • asking questions to let others do the talking

  • looking out for those who are not part of larger discussions and latching on to them

  • offering to facilitate small workshops or group discussions - this can give you a clear role and the opportunity to be visible without having to resort to social chit-chat

  • carefully controlling the amount of time spent in networking situations and recognising that you do not have to be ‘there’ for the whole time

  • explaining in advance that you will have to leave early

  • simply choosing not to go to dinners.