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Positive Approaches to Managing Contributions to Meetings:

  • building in thinking time before meetings to allow your thoughts to take shape - and putting this time in your calendar, even if you disguise it as something else

  • preparing well for the meeting: perhaps identifying a couple of key points you want to make, or some constructive challenges, and anticipating any questions or reactions

  • speaking early to get your voice heard, perhaps with a simple question

  • reducing the sense of urgency to contribute early in meetings

  • valuing your own ability to observe, listen and reflect

  • using questions to develop clarity

  • visualising yourself making a contribution

  • if chairing, introducing a variety of discussion methods, perhaps including paired discussions

  • being aware of other introverts’ need for time to think

  • if chairing a meeting, using a ‘lighthouse person’ or observer, to feed back to members how the meeting seems to be going

  • recognising the value of being able to express a considered view, even if it is towards the end of the meeting

  • speaking at the end of a meeting to summarise and synthesise what has been discussed

  • asking for time to reflect on questions and issues and getting back to people within an agreed time limit

  • when you feel you have given a poor response ‘on the spot’, having the courage to go back to the chair (or whoever) with a more considered response.