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What introverted leaders said about the Challenges of Leading Teams

  • “I'm not immediately trusting of others to get on with a task and that can be disempowering, however, once trust has been built up relationships are strong and mutually reinforcing.”

  • “Unfortunately, team members frequently felt that I was angry with them when the opposite was often the case. I did not 'come over' as a very friendly person even though, inwardly, I may have had warm feelings towards those that interpreted my motives/feelings as the opposite.”

  • “The binding of a team together by the application of social skills in small interactions across a period of time and timely well-judged contributions to team discussions is altogether more challenging. Sometimes, it has been successful and other times it has sounded less than natural and so has been perceived as forced and unreal. Learnt behaviour is never quite as good as intuitive behaviour.”

  • “I think teams of ‘clones’ are hugely dangerous.”