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What introverted leaders said about how they Manage their Energy
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Positive Approaches to Managing Energy

Energy levels may be drained by other challenges in the workplace. You may choose to adopt some of the positive behaviours, described in this toolkit, which could assist in managing your energy levels. These adaptive behaviours have been specifically identified, by introverted leaders, to be beneficial.

In relation to managing your day:

  • going in to work early to get there before others arrive
  • creating time to think and reflect, even if this is just in the car on the journey to work
  • using your calendar to schedule specific time to be alone and for interaction with colleagues
  • working from home where possible.

In relation to attending meetings:

  • reducing travel to, and attendance at, meetings
  • considering whether it is necessary to attend meetings in person or whether to use audio or video conferencing instead.

In relation to relaxation time:

  • choosing not to socialise with work colleagues whenever possible while still fulfilling your work role
  • keeping work-related activities to a minimum at weekends and evenings
  • choosing hobbies and/or sports that you can do on your own or with limited interaction with other people.

In relation to choosing or accepting a job:

  • considering organisational culture before taking on a new job
  • choosing a role where there are not too many people to directly manage
  • working part time if this suits you and is possible.